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Our Main Presenters:

Fr. Bo Nahachewsky 

Sr. Gertrude Sopracolle, osu

Fr. Bo, originally from Saskatoon, is a Ukrainian Catholic priest serving five parishes in Eastern Alberta.  Married in 1998, he and his wife have three active children, seven aquarium fish, and a big container full of composting earthworms.  Fr. Bo studied in Saskatoon & Ottawa, served in an inner-city mission in Winnipeg, lived in a contemplative monastery in California, worked with youth in Edmonton, is a consecrated iconographer, and is a fan of Sumo Wrestling.  After his ordination to the priesthood in 2003, and a brief stint at the Cathedral in Edmonton, Fr. Bo was entrusted with the spiritual care of the people of Lloydminster and area where he still serves today.


Sister Gertrude, comes from Goodsoil, SK. When God called her to Religious life, the Ursulines of Prelate whom she had been taught in school by with were seen as  the  ideal  choice for her.  In this community  of “contemplatives in action” she continues to witness to the joy of being a “spouse of Christ”  “educating for LIFE”.  35 years in classroom teaching has given way to diverse ministry as director of an Ursuline  Discernment House/ Residence called Maryhome, located in St. Albert, AB. Spiritual Direction, Retreat work, RCIA accompaniment and Ecumenical Dialogue, plus gardening, cooking, cleaning, talking to house plants, pruning trees,  gazing at the stars, shoveling snow, chipping ice,  are all recognized as an invitation to be “contemplative in action” while  “educating  for life”. In 2011 she  will celebrate her 50th year of profession. Sr. Gertrude  is tall, active, energetic, a very good listener and fun. Occasionally she still does a head stand.


Our Other Presenters:

Fr. Louis Fowoyo

Sr. Marijka Konderewicz, SSMI

Fr. Louis is from Nigeria.  A priest for 25 years he was inspired by French Canadian priests who served in Nigeria during his childhood.  Because of what they did for him, he felt called to return his services as a priest to the country of their origin.  However, much to our amusement, he did not realize that we have cold weather here.

He was rector of a seminary in his Diocese back in Africa.  He is a prayerful man with lots of knowledge, wisdom and love.

Sr. Mariuka is currently assigned to the Ukrainian Catholic Religious Education Center in Saskatoon.  Born and raised in Australia, she moved to Canada in 1995.  Upon completion of her novitiate, she studied in Ottawa and Toronto and obtained a Masters in Ministry and Spirituality, and is a certified Spiritual Director.  She is on the team for Spiritual Directors at Queen’s House in Saskatoon.  She enjoys walking, reading, watching Aussie rule football and tennis.

Sr. Bonnie Komarnicki, ssmi

Kelly Aalbers 

Sr. Bonnie is originally from Saskatoon. She has been a Sister Servant of Mary Immaculate for 26 years serving the Church as a religious educator and a high school teacher.  Sr. Bonnie has lived in New Westminster, Saskatoon, Yorkton and Ottawa.  Her educational background is a BA, BEd from the U of S in Saskatoon.  She enjoys reading, embroidering, visiting her nieces and nephews and is an avid Rider fan.

Kelly is a young man (17) who is still discerning God’s call in his life.  He figured he needed a retreat to help him figure things out so... after some talking to people he organized this.  Cool huh?

Kelly is the middle child of three siblings.  He is a wanna be farm boy who loves hunting and fishing.  He hopes to do some “ministry” type of work this coming fall with “LEAP.”  Kelly is tall.





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